The Good Health EP

by Esoligh

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The first time I made anything.


released September 20, 2006

D. Patterson, F. Patterson, Garageband.



all rights reserved


Esoligh Auckland

I make music as a healing process for myself and to make a contribution to the world. I hope everyone listening takes something away with them from this. I'm making music with a purpose from the bedrooms to the boondocks. In the forest there are trees, and within the trees, the wairua dwells. As it is with this. Bless! ... more

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Track Name: Beaches
Yeah yeah,

I went to the beach a Kare Kare beach,
It was very beautiful and I loved the way I'm in,
It was tasty, thin, and fantastic and stuff,
It was excellent I could imagine going out there with a sheila, that I liked

Like a chick like Brooke Fraser, so tight,
So beautiful and hot and awesome and positive,
And kind and giving and all those good things kid,
You gotta get down with those people

You don’t want a chick who’s axis of evil,
You want a real chick, a good nice chick,
Take down to the beach at Kare Kare represent,
I did a kick flip in the beaches

Muriwai is my favourite little beaches,
I do a lot of stuff out there,
I used to bodyboard every day,
And it was fandiddlytastic like the day we wagged school

So that we could go surfing oh yeah,
Me and Ian and Hamish we did it one day,
Like it was sports day,
But we quit that sport, do our own sport

It was pretty fun til we, got caught
And we drove past the bus that everyone was on and they saw us,
hahaha haha that was hilarious,
Oh yeah, It was so fantastic I can’t believe

How much fun we had that day it was excellent,
And I, got on my board I did a little jump over this wave,
And I got winded, so munted up,
And I, felt wrecked,

And everybody was laughing and thought it was so funny,
That I had to get taken out by that little wave on that day,
Man it was fantastic to wag school that day,
It was one of the best things I ever did yo

I loved hanging out with all the boys yeah it was primo,
Me and Ian and Hame we did lots of surfing every weekend,
And it was so cool, was so fresh, we used to love it,
Man don’t know what else I would do with my time really

It’s so much fun,
I’d rather go to the beach than be in the city
Track Name: Dave Punga Flow
Dave Punga Flow lyrics
Yeah represent for the fat people in the world tonight,
When you got a few extra kilos don’t worry about it,
You'll lose it in time alright,
Just gotta exercise a bit more

Just gotta eat a little bit less
Just gotta discern between the feelings of love,
And what you stick down through your chest,
You gotta, eat a little bit less

Just be really, fresh to the beat,
Get down, dance around your living room,
Don’t worry about this,
Don’t be weak, just be really strong

Be cool, be fan-tastic, phat with a p-h is okay
But you can’t be f-a-t that stuffs not for me,
I’m leaving it alone,
A while ago I was 90-odd kg’s

Now I’m down to 86,
So cool that I weight lost and I’m feeling fantastic,
And I lost the weight,
And I’m really happy to be here now

And walking around town and being fly
And the chicks will check you out more,
If you lost the extra tire around your waist, brother you,
Spare tire, leave it in the boot of your car

You don’t need one around your waist as well,
A bit of a doughnut that you don’t need to sell,
Whaddoyou you know about me, I flow so free,
Esoligh, from the true BSP yeah,

And I flow every day of the week,
For the people who are magnanimous when they speak,
Like Lateef the Truth Speaker and all those fantastic Quannum MC’s,
Other people that I love to listen to

Especially my sister Cee-Lo P,
She’s the bomb when she gets on the microphone she rips it up for sure,
Just even, I got another sister little Bean and she's awesome on the mic too,
And she’s a Queen,

I gotta elder sister Al who’s apparently a good singer as well,
But I can’t remember her sing,
She lives in Edinbro, Edinburgh Scotland, represent
Ae laddie lassie what, that's where she lives

That’s where she lives what,
I live in Auckland, North Shore, NC, not in Cadness Street,
But I’m near Northcote,
Hillcrest, the place that I be

A really nice leafy suburb near the Totara Grove
And everybody wanna know, wanna know what’s up with,
Chilling in the Chillcrest,
And my friend who works at Vodafone he thinks he’s the best

And he is pretty darn good but he doesn’t understand,
'What Happy People Know' by Dan Baker,
It’s a great book,
If you think it’s money then you’re lost and you need to take another look

Life and love, love, life, love, kindness,
Wealth, true wealth is emotional wealth,
Emotional Intelligence by Dan Goleman
Let you in on a few ideas that you can use man my brother man

It’s not too hard to see that you’ve gotta be free to be happy,
And if that is having heart and laughter in your heart,
Like was on Positive Thoughts the other day yeah,
My name is Dave P., Esoligh, flow for free

Every day of the week ay ya what the crap do you know when I speak,
Kia ora bro what do you know,
My name is Dave Punga Flow,
Esoligh yo

BSP, true BSP, the old school G’s,
Who made it up,
Represent yeah, Represent represent love you if you listen to me,
Love you lots and I do lots of things ba-by, baby, baby
Track Name: Dave the Mexican
Yeah, I don’t drink a beer,
I ain’t queer,
I don’t have long hair,
Or a, phat fear of anything

But, lots of stuff that shouldn’t matter to me,
And I, I paint paintings too,
They’re really nice, look at them, taha you know who,
My name is flow phatness

I do it on the batness,
Confidence here doing it daily,
Make you feel like you just could,
Baby afro shetland pony when you’re out looking round, snow me

And you know me,
Cos I saw you the other day,
When I bought a loaf of bread off you my brother bei,
And I did it so simply

Everybody wanted to hear me with Britney,
What you taking about that’s Kevin Federline,
He’s really excellent, not really,
My name is Esoligh

I flow like a stupid half porch monkey,
What does that mean, it’s a racist taunt,
Like they call my people darkies,
Ooh that’s my Nana actually

She’s a darky herself,
But she thinks that’s she’s being racist towards someone else,
But she’s really being it towards herself,
It’s not really funny

It’s really stupid it’s quite a dumby,
It’s not becoming,
It’s a silly ass stupid thing,
But I love you everybody listening

My name is David the Mexican,
Yeah everybody know,
When I flow I do it, like a bro
Track Name: Little Buddies
Little Buddies lyrics
yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah,
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah

Do you want a little pet of your own,
A little dude to keep you grounded at home,
Show you what to do,
And, just sleep, just eat, just chill don’t worry bout much

Just be a little animal, just be yourself don’t worry about a thing,
Just have a play with the curtains,
Just play around and muck around and stuff,
And then jump on your masters lap and have a sleep and chill

You know it’s not really an option for us,
But it’s a good thing to look at and understand,
That little cats and little dogs just want to love and be loved,
That’s the way humans should be

Like a dove, from above, represent
What you know about me,
I flow for free,
My name is Esoligh from the true BSP

And I do it every day of the week,
And I make you feel nice when I speak,
I love every one of you listening in,
I love everything about you

From the hair to your head, from your feet to your feet
And you know it’s about what I talk about,
It’s so true and nice and hype and stuff,
And I gotta let you know

So you can understand my fresh flow.
And I don’t worry about much else,
Than what I do every day of the week,
I just do my thing chilling, be happy and

And have a nice time, everyday haha
Track Name: Soulful Reminisce
Soulful Reminisce lyrics

Listen in, I’m gonna tell you about it,
I was down in Nelson on the orchard,
Just doing my thing,
Yo making a couple of grand

Thinning the apples that needed to be thinned,
And I did it for about 3 months, 2 months,
Something like that, it was great stuff,
I really enjoyed my time there

I learned about independence, and stuff like that,
Things that are so hard to learn in the context, of your family tree,
You can’t do it at home,
It’s really hard to be yourself, not alone

But when you’re out on your own,
You find out how much you gotta rely,
On what, you’ve been given by the most high,
To like help you live your life today tonight

Every single day of your life,
It’s like a gift you get given,
If you can’t understand what I’m, telling you,
Give it a few years you will too

It’s easy to do when you’ve been through,
What I’ve been through, what I’ve been through, what I’ve been through,
What I’ve been,
So much pain and suffering

But it’s interesting, it makes you strong, it makes you wise
M akes you carry on and give your best effort,
Cos you might not be there forever,
You know you’ve gotta live this life

Grab it with both hands and open both eyes,
Don’t worry about what you’re doing you’ll make it through and,
You don’t need to suffer you don’t need to do that thing,
Just meditate, free your mind

Free your soul, free your self,
Free your whole being from the cell,
From the cell of suffering that they’ve got you stuck in,
If you don’t, understand, you will one day soon believe me

You’ve been brought to hear this funky beat,
Because it’s got something to speak to you,
Understand, your brain, if it’s frozen,
It might open up one day man

Walk, eat, heart, light,
It’s gotta be yours one night tonight,
Each night, everyday,
Listen in when I let you know what I say

We’re gonna wrap it up real soon,
But this has been fun shedding my truth to you,
I’ve been through so much in my life,
If you haven’t been through much

You will, don’t worry,
It’s life, you can’t avoid it,
If you’re alive you’re gonna enjoy it,
If you don’t you’re gonna go through it

You can do it, just do it
Yeaaaah, peace out,
Peace out, peace out, peace out,
Love, represent the love
Track Name: Water Flowing
Water Flowing lyrics
Yo yo get down,
Everybody listen to this funky sound,
Make you fresh and feel good,
You don’t need to worry about a thing

You wish you could,
You can’t do it anymore,
Make you feel good,
Make you feel like you

You hit a four in the test today,
When Sri Lanka took out New Zealand oh yay,
My name is Dave and I flow real good,
Make you feel nice like you wished you would

All the time and you can do it listen in now,
To Esoligh flowing funk yow,
Everybody get down listen in now,
What you wanna know about being cool yow

Everybody get down if you love this,
It’s gonna make you feel nice and good,
Don’t go there any more,
If you feel a negative space

Let, go,
If you wanna feel great and good,
Just listen into me when you should,
My name is Dave Diggity yeah

Flow really phat when I do it everyday,
Make you feel really nice really good,
Do it every day oh yay yay,
Get down in the sound if you will

It’s a funky sound make you feel good,
It’s really cool to listen in now,
Get down, everybody get down,
Make you feel nice and fresh yo

Make you feel hype and, yes yo,
Make you feel good and, happy
Make you feel tops and, slappy,
Grinds on the everyday things yeah

On the side of the things we used to rip,
All the things in the Highpoint shopping centre,
When we used to skate there so many nights yeah,
But you can’t skate there at all now

Go then you’ll get kicked oh right out,
it’s really dodgy oh yeah yeah,
Can't go there, can’t go go there,
That’s good that I’m really old right now

And I don’t need to go and skate where I want,
I can just sit and chill and love,
Making beats on my MPC,
What do you know about feeling good

Well you know me so that’s a start,
Listen in, listen in, get down yeah,
Love you just listening in,
Everybody get down love you true

My name is Dave and I wish you a good day too
Track Name: For the Mind
For the Mind lyrics
Yeayah, Yeayah, what, what what

Get down everybody get down,
It’s the funky ass sound gonna take you to town,
You gotta get down, everybody get down,
It’s the funky ass sound I’m gonna take you to town

Feel good when you step into the street,
And you wanna be good and you listen to the beat,
And you vibe and you chill and you feel good,
And you don’t worry about a thing you wish you would

But you can’t, can’t go there anymore,
You don’t wish for that,
What am I talking about that is not that it’s not the right track,
That stuff’s wack let it off the right track

My name is Esoligh I flow for free,
Daily, every day of the week,
I do it every single moment of my life,
I don’t, worry about much tonight

I let you feel good and vibe to the beat,
Feel good, don’t worry bout nothing when I speak,
Make you feel nice and easy,
Like a Sunday afternoon in the breezy
Track Name: Shufflin' Guitar Blues
Shufflin’ Guitar Blues lyrics

I love to ride my skateboard everyday,
I love to ride it up and down hills everyday,
I love to ride my skateboard everyday,
I love to ride my little skateboard up and down the hills you say

Everybody wanna see me riding that old board,
Because i love to do it I don’t actually get bored,
I love to do it everyday I represent around the clock,
I love to ride my little skateboard till it gets too hot

And I just sit down and take a chill pill,
Just sit down and don’t do much at the top of a hill,
And then I get back on that puppy,
And I ride right down the hill

And I go like 100 million k on that thing peace
Oh yeah, love ya,
Love to everybody in the Chillcrest,
Peace out
Track Name: So Late feat Fiona Erica
So Late lyrics by Esoligh and Fiona Erica
1st Verse by Esoligh
Here we go, in Northwick Place yeah,
In the Hillcrest, doing our thing,
Don’t worry about a thing

Yo up the street I gotta Samoan party
A lot of massive Samoans on the front la de da de lawn, and doing their thing,
It’s quite exciting to see in my little neck of the woods,
The neighbours got a massive car

A Buick Charger with an exhaust that’s oh so loud and fast and so butty,
You know it’s amazing when he drives past me in the street
That’s never happened I’m only joking
He’s driving past me past my window and he’s been smoking

But here we go Fiona’s flow she’s up next, here we go here we go for sho
We represent we’re doing it this way
Make you feel hype about your life everyday
It’s good to be alive
Don’t worry about negative things just thrive
Be real, be cool, stay true, don’t worry about a thing the Buddha Buddha is in you

Yea don’t be a fool whatever your creed faith or food
Food that you eat everyday, don’t worry if it’s a hangi or boil up, or pork spare ribs, or chicken chow mien whatever
Just eat it don’t worry your name’s probably not Trevor
Here she goes, my sister’s gonna flow 1 2 3 4

2nd Verse by Fiona Erica
You are my friend,
Life and love neither will ever end,
I know I know you’re near me,
I know I know your heart beats for me

Take your eyes off yourself for just one moment,
Let yourself open up to the possibilities,
That sit before you,
That are screaming out to you

What, What, so I take it back and I make it real,
And I bring out my heart attack,
And my words they speak the truth,
Baby baby won’t you

Bad at freestyling, I am not
Dodododododo do do de do

3rd Verse by Esoligh
That was my sis,
I love her dearly,
More than words can say,
Is how much she means to me

I love the bigfoot too out in the woods hahaha,
I love talking crap over tracks,
It’s really fun I wish you would do it too,
It’s such a stress reliever

It’s funky like a beaver when you eat it out in the woods,
You love to go and hang out with the big bears,
And just chill and be good, yup,
You gotta watch yourself

You gotta watch your step,
If you get eaten it’s not fun to project,
Oh so much pain,
Insane on your life is not the right thing

You can’t go there leave it alone,
Be funky like this funky metronome,
That’s lettin’ me know, how to do the flows,
Keep it ongoing don’t worry bout a thing bro

Just do it loose, just do it free,
You don’t need the beat here to ride with me,
I’ll just demonstrate my massive skills,
Can do it easily without the frills

I don’t need a beat,
I don’t need the street,
I don’t need nothing,
So let me be myself and walk on my feet

It’s like hard to listen and go along with the metronome
I’ve lost it,
That metronome puts you off